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He’s only kind of bitter, which I think means he’s actually handling his life very well, all things considered, but man — he just keeps rocking slowly back and forth, like a bomb victim, still reeling from shell-shock.

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If there were one thing in my life that I would love to see is for Wil Wheaton to impart how he overcame the Weasley Crusher hate and the fans’ reaction to that character.  Jake Lloyd is a perfect candidate for the next generation’s Wilw: he had a serious role in a serious movie that a lot of people didn’t take seriously, and now he’s feeling a tad bit bitter because of the experience.  I hope the best for Jake!

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10 thoughts on “Not the Phantom Menace’s #1 Fan |Topless Robot

  1. I feel sorry for Jake. But I am sure everyone here can understand how horrible people are in Jr High and High School. Still has to be cool, having little kids come up to you at conventions. He handles the interview well. The prequels sucked!

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