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One of my dogs, Virginia, went blind late last year. I knew it was coming; she has glaucoma, and lost sight in one of her eyes a while before. We’d been keeping the other eye alive with lots and lots of medicine, but the vet told us it was just a matter of time. So, when the morning came and I found her running around crazily all over the house, nose to the ground, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

via Virginia, the Blind Dog – Boing Boing.

The story is pretty heart breaking and heart warming all at the same time.   I did have to lol at the squirrel chasing adaptation methods, lol

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1 thought on “Virginia, the Blind Dog – Boing Boing

  1. Damnit tiki! I teared up enough that I had to wipe my eyes and cheeks. Definitely a 1½ hanky story. I seem to be doing that a lot this week.
    My pup is a black lab, on the large size (115lbs and six feet) and he’s 11 years old now. It’s starting to show, his having an ever harder time laying down or getting back up (dysplasia). We give him pain meds everyday, but they’re starting to become ineffective, and I hate that we may have to make a decision this winter or next.

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