Erik Prince Has a Vision of Christian Supremacy

180px Erik prince blackwater Erik Prince Has a Vision of Christian SupremacyWho has what? Erik Prince, founder and CEO of Blackwater Worldwide, a multi-billion contractor in Iraq and a dangerous, violent Christian. He may be insane. According to one of the two “whistleblowers”:

Prince “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe.” He “intentionally deployed to Iraq certain men who shared his vision of Christian supremacy, knowing and wanting these men to take every available opportunity to murder Iraqis.”

Blackwater (now called Xe) employees were implicated in two mass shootings in Iraq that killed more than 20 Iraqis. They had illegal ammunition, bullets that exploded once they hit their target, including people.

There are also several accusations of sexual misconduct:

Prince was aware of the use of prostitutes, “including child prostitutes,” at Blackwater’s “Man Camp” in Iraq, which he visited.
“Prince’s North Carolina operations had an ongoing wife-swapping and sex ring, which was participated in by many… top executives.”

The two whistle blowers are accusing Erik Prince, and others, of murder, or having ordered murder, sexual misconduct and smuggling. Blackwater has not answered the accusation except to say:

“The brief filed by Plaintiffs includes two anonymous affidavits that state their “information” has been provided to the Justice Department—we can gauge the credence given to those statements, which hold no water. When the indictments were announced, the United States attorney made a point of stating that “[t]he indictment does not charge or implicate Blackwater Worldwide”; “[i]t charges only the actions of certain employees for their roles in the September 16 shooting.” He emphasized that the indictment was “very narrow in its allegations”: “Six individual Blackwater guards have been charged with unjustified shootings… not the entire Blackwater organization in Baghdad. There were 19 Blackwater guards on the… team that day…. Most acted professionally, responsibly, and honorably. Indeed, this indictment should not be read as accusation against any of those brave men and women who risk their lives as Blackwater security contractors.”

“It is obvious that Plaintiffs have chosen to slander Mr. Prince rather than raise legal arguments or actual facts that will be considered by a court of law. We are happy to engage them there.”

I first heard about Erik Prince in a segment on one of the TV magazine shows and thought him a scary individual with too much power. I want him and all involved to be forced to admit what they’ve done and why. Even with these new accusations, I don’t think that will happen. People like him need secrecy to work; let’s take that away from him.
Full Article and more links at Daily Beast: Scott Horton

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