The Creation “Museum” : Pharyngula

 The Creation “Museum” : Pharyngula

We visited the Creation “Museum” last Friday.

I’m careful to put the title in quotes, because it is not a museum in any respectable sense of the word. I knew this ahead of time; I had no expectation of any kind of credible presentation in this place, but what impressed me most is how far it failed to meet even my low hopes. They clearly want to ape a real museum, but they can’t — their mission is the antithesis of open inquiry.

via The Creation “Museum” : Pharyngula.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about these visits.  People go here to mock the ‘museum’, even though it’s obviously mocking itself at times.  Are people seriously so fucked in the head that they don’t know that the “Creation Museum” is synonymous with “Hoax Museum”?

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    1. oh, it’s really “real” it’s just that the “museum” is just a collection of bullshit religious hoaxes all strung together to try to misdirect people into believing into this made up religion.

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