Certified Pre-Owned Cats: Inspected, Detailed, Better Than New!

500x pre owned cats Certified Pre Owned Cats: Inspected, Detailed, Better Than New!

The problem: thousands of sweet, cuddly, adoptable adult cats languishing in shelters. People gravitate toward tiny kittens, which are plentiful in the summer months, leaving adult shelter cats without humans to own. A possible clever solution: Clever marketing ploys. Which is the origin of the Michigan Humane Society’s Certified Pre-Owned Cats campaign.

via Certified Pre-Owned Cats: Inspected, Detailed, Better Than New!.

awww, I have a couple of preowned cats. I love them very much when they’re behaving.

Do you have pets?

8 thoughts on “Certified Pre-Owned Cats: Inspected, Detailed, Better Than New!

  1. My cat is pre-owned. Actually, maybe not. I think she was feral or abused. It took me 3 years to get her to sleep on the bed or in my chair w/ me. She’s mine and she ‘puts up’ w/ everyone else. Puppy, on the other hand, belongs to hubby. We got him for the kids, but it was hubby he bonded to. Puppy was part of a neighbor’s litter and when the mom was hit and killed by a car, the two younger boys helped bottle feed the 11 puppies. The neighbor offered a puppy to them as thanks (w/ papers) and since we were in our very own house, we decided a puppy would be a good thing. We have fish too, but I don’t really care about them.

    1. Guaranteed to throw up hairballs, trip you in the middle of the night when you get up to go to the bathroom, purr when s/he wants something and make your lap one of the best places in the universe.

        1. oh lordy, just be sure to trim their nails down if you’re going to let them take over your lap. Mine has a habit of ‘kneading’ whatever she’s gotten comfortable on.

          The claws come out sometimes, and it hurts very much.

          1. Wat!? Claws? You meant to tell me I was setting myself up to possibly have twelve sets of kitteh claws clawing away at my lap area?

            WTH!?! I saw no “Claws” clause in the contract paperwork! So now I have to pay to have all twelve of my kittehs declawed?

            Typical. Just typical. 0 down, 0% financing, and no payments, and they *STILL* manage to hit you with hidden fees… :/

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