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After six years of childless marriage, John and Cynthia Burke of Newark decided to adopt a baby boy through a state agency. Since the Burkes were young, scandal-free and solvent, they had no trouble with the New Jersey Bureau of Children’s Services—until investigators came to the line on the application that asked for the couple’s religious affiliation.John Burke, an atheist, and his wife, a pantheist, had left the line blank. As a result, the bureau denied the Burkes’ application.

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It’s hard to believe that in the year 2009, we still have bigoted anti-freedom assholes out there that just want to shit all over everyone’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  According to the TIME article, the case is currently pending appeal, but why should it even have gotten that far?

The judge responsible for withholding approval needs to be smacked on the wrists, and hard, to make an example of those in power that feel they have the authority to push their religious doctrine on other people.

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8 thoughts on “Can Atheists Be Parents? – TIME

  1. Well of course they didn’t get a kid… they’d grow him to become some kind of agnostic satanist!
    Burn the Science… oh shit, no… I need my tv, burn anything science that I don’t use!

  2. Ugh, why the fuck is this even an issue? Of fucking course atheists can be parents atheists for the most part can hold the same basic morals as a christian or muslim. Just don’t raise your kid to be an intolerant prick.

    1. Agreed. This NJ constitutional law is tantamount to requiring all adoptive parents to be a theist, but not necessarily a good, honest morally upstanding members of the community. How ridiculous is that? Do you know how many Mafia members went to church regularly?

  3. This may be an old TIME letter but for others who just so happen to cross this article, Atheist should have the same freedom as others who aint Atheist. We Atheist are just like everyone else and deserve to be treated as such. WHICH MEANS…Atheist have the right to be parents as well. If the kid wants to believe in a religion when they get older that’s fine, that’s beyond the partents control anyway. I was born Christian but even when I was little I was putting on an act since I never believed in this religion stuff, when my parents found out they tried to convince me that being Atheist is bad. My “father” hates me for being Atheist but my ma still loves me the same. Atheism is NOT a bad thing but, others just see it as a bad thing. Exact words from my so called father “If anyone should be saved last, it should be Atheist.”, at that time he didn’t know. What really is a shame is that Atheist get beat up, killed and other stuff just for not believing in in a religion.

    Sorry if this is long, but just trying to prove a point.

  4. Of course they can be (and SHOULD) be parents.

    While growing up, I was forced to be a devout Catholic. I went to to church every Sunday and catechism every Thursday. I went to retreats a coupe times a year. I served on the altar from the age of 8 to the age of 18. (no, I wasn’t molested. More like ignored until I did something wrong.)
    I went through all the motions, stand, sit, kneel, eat the cracker and sing. That’s just what they were: motions. I was faking it and I was pretty sure everyone else was too.
    I was so sure everyone was faking it, it didn’t even occur to me to call anyone on it.

    The last time I served on the altar was on the morning that I went to college. Then I was on my own and didn’t have to pretend me anymore.

    Atheist make great parents. I spent FAR too many hours sitting in stiff shirts and tight shoes. Any time I made a noise or wiggled too much, I got a shot in the back of the head. ….whenever my dad wasn’t asleep.

    Think of all the time we could have spent with my parents. Or running around. Or playing.
    Instead we were imprisoned it a church that was largely unheated and too hot since all the stained glass windows were painted shut.

    And that’s what I and my wive do. We play with the kids. We geocache or visit a local park. We build things. We bike. We visit the zoo, museums or the aquarium.

    Christians pretend only the religious can be moral. That’s bullshit. I’m learning more about the altruistic drive in primates. As we are primates, I’m pretty sure we have an altruistic drive that’s deeper and older than religion.

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