Real Life Cobra Kai Martial Arts Beatdown Video

KKID002 LG2 Real Life Cobra Kai Martial Arts Beatdown Video




So at the end of Martial Arts class today this was brought up. There are two types of training in martial arts: Full contact and soft. My instructor prefers soft training because it keeps our body strong and injuries are kept at a minimum. Now there are places where you can go train full contact, but you have a higher chance of suffering major injuries and aching more then usual at training. Not to mention your body as a whole will wear out faster in the long run. Training full contact occasionally is fun. Especially training exercises to get us used to taking blows to our arms and stomach. Just a little anecdote from my world before I get to this fucked up video.

Everything about this video is wrong. For one, they are completely making fun of the mentally challenged guy that was trained by Jesus (HAHA) who actually has better form and is more fluid then the black belt he is up against. Secondly this goes against the moral codes of martial arts, society and common fucking(Can we cuss?) decency. All Martial Arts teach that fighting is the last resort, respect everyone and honor your elders/teacher/dojo. The last one this guy took to far. I hope they find everyone involved and charge them. I hope the guy that was beat up is still alive as well.

Domo arigato gozaimashita or Thank you very much. We say this at the end of each class.

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8 thoughts on “Real Life Cobra Kai Martial Arts Beatdown Video

      1. Determination requires focus in order to be effective.

        I think he is more concerned with indulging himself than watching his weight, (his previous spiel is quite the testimony to his attitude about life) therefore he probably puts little, if any, effort into trying to stay fit.

        In reality, you do not need to be trim in order to practice martial arts, but in his case, he seems to be teaching street brawling, with a little karate mixed in, (you can see this in his form and that of his students) not actual karate, so to him, fitness may only be of secondary concern anyway.

        So far as what he did with his hand, he balled his hand into a fist, wrapped his hand with straps so he couldn’t open it, then shoved a bayonet into his hand, such that he would be gripping the tip of the blade in his closed fist.

        Then he had his student put a cinder block on top of the pommel of the bayonet, and had him sledge the block, driving the bayonet the rest of the way down into his fist.

        That little trick is half concentration technique and half show. But without being able to see how tight he actually wrapped his hand, and how sharp the bayonet is, it’s anyone’s guess what percentage of it was concentration and what was cheap parlor trick.

        1. I know I found his little martial arts show hilarious. Definitely not the real deal. Not that I am a fan of the showy entertainment as training part of the arts. This guy is not simply morally corrupt, he is a douchebag all the way through. He is also too cocky for his own good. Reminds me of The Foot Fist Way. A Redneck martial artist with respect for nothing and nobody.

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