The Face of a Child-Slapping Idiot

Child Slapper   Report 386x500 The Face of a Child Slapping Idiot

You know, I have as much of a problem with parents who have no control over their kids as the next guy.

But there are limits. Limits that apparently, this guy knows nothing about.

Clearly, the fact that slapping a kid, out of the blue, will achieve the direct opposite of the desired result, somehow went clear over this dudes head.

Slapping the kid was very, very wrong. But I think if he really, had the urge to slap someone that bad, he should have slapped the kids mother instead.

For subjecting everyone else in the store to her kids incessant crying.

What do you think?

From The Smoking Gun:

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2 thoughts on “The Face of a Child-Slapping Idiot

  1. I think the guy was shopping in Walmart; a store where you will always find parents w/ very young children. You can’t reason w/ a toddler. There really is no way to shut a two year old up. You can try to calm her down, but it’s what 2 year olds do; they throw temper tantrums. I’ve heard adults complain about young children, and the noises they make, at clearly family friendly establishments; mostly at restaurants. If you don’t want to hear children being noisy, don’t go to Walmart, matinee movies or McDonalds.
    There are cases where I wish that the parent would deal w/ their misbehaving children; but mostly, kids are loud, unreasonable, obnoxious and extremely manipulative.
    We all know there are parents that simply will not discipline their children. I am 100% in favor of killing (slowly and painfully, perhaps w/ a spoon) the parents, and the spawn they’ve produced.

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