What does science ‘know’?

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CMBR Dipole: Speeding Through the Universe

Explanation: Our Earth is not at rest. The Earth moves around the Sun. The Sun orbits the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy orbits in the Local Group of Galaxies. The Local Group falls toward the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies. But these speeds are less than the speed that all of these objects together move relative to the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR). In the above all-sky map from the COBE satellite, radiation in the Earth’s direction of motion appears blueshifted and hence hotter, while radiation on the opposite side of the sky is redshifted and colder. The map indicates that the Local Group moves at about 600 kilometers per second relative to this primordial radiation. This high speed was initially unexpected and its magnitude is still unexplained. Why are we moving so fast? What is out there?

I saw this and thought of Lotus’ argument in the M[c]S: “God Is Dead Quotes”

So if science says it is true then it must be true? That is the entire basis of your argument? Or am i misrepresenting you here? is it because the scientific method is what give science validity? Well then by what authority does the scientific method get It would seem that you forget that at any moment science can be proven wrong. Here is a prime example So if the whole basis of your argument is that scientific truth is the only truth then that is a pretty weak argument. That is equivalent to me saying “the sun shines because god says so”

The two questions (Why are we moving so fast? What is out there?) is what I think science is about. The recognition that something in their current theories is clearly incorrect and that we need to figure out what.

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13 thoughts on “What does science ‘know’?

  1. It always leaves me scratching my head how some people treat science almost as though it’s a religion. Science is a method, nothing more, nothing less. It does not have all the answers, nor does it even guarantee eventual answers, and it is not inviolate, even scientifically “proven” theories are often wrong.

    An interesting phenomenon I’ve observed is that some “scientific” types, when confronted by this, act more like religious nuts, than scientists. Sometimes I think these folks are worse than the religious fanatics. At least for the religious, faith is clearly defined as a belief in something without the benefit of any scientific qualitative or quantitative proof.

    The funny thing is that some of these “scientific” types accept what they are told at face value, and will argue to the death about a concept that cannot actually be scientifically proven, but will vigorously deny that they acting on “faith”…

    And people keep giving me flack because I say that fanaticism exists on both sides. Atheism, Agnosticism, Theism, I honestly don’t think it really matters. Everyone keeps making the same mistakes, and assumes that their mistakes are more honest than every one else’s…

    1. Atheism and Theism, yeah fanaticism does exist, but i have yet to run into a fanatical agnostic. I’m sure there are some out there but from my experience agnostics tend to be the nicest out of the three.

  2. I’m happily (But not fanatically) agnostic. I believe in science over religion. I also know that I don’t know all the answers. Life is more interesting that way. It leaves a lot more to discover.

    Here are a few of my musings:

    This how I think Science is different from Religion.

    Science lives to ask questions, and questions the answers.
    Most religions on the other hand want to tell you the answers, but won’t let you question them.

    This is how I think they are alike.

    A person of faith (In science or religion), who’s faith is weak will cling to what they are told. For to them it is a shield.

    Another person of faith (Again in science or religion), who’s faith is strong can gather strength from asking the questions, and seeking the answers.

    A third person of faith (Yay, you guessed it: S/R) who’s faith is too strong, will proclaim that they have the ANSWERS, and will not listen to any other viewpoint. They may even try to Smite you!

    1. I like your philosophy… I agree with most of it, though my perspective of what you’ve defined as “weak” vs “strong” faith is a little different.

      I think it is more a matter of understanding their faith and a persons ability to question themselves, analyze their own motives, and engage in objective self critical introspection, if you will, that makes a person “weak” or “strong” as you describe it.

      1. I didn’t explain myself thoroughly enough, but luckily you did it for me. Although I should add, that in my view it is also a bell curve. At both extremes the weak ones and the too strong ones will shut out any opposing points of view.

        1. Understood. Thing that concerns me is that it seems like those who actually perform that self introspection lie at the fringes of the curve, on either end, while the vast majority, consisting of a high percentage of non-introspective persons, seem to lie dead center…

          1. Unfortunately, it’s the vocal minorities on either end of the curve scream louder than the all of the majority at the center combined.

            Even here, on the internet, where we don’t personally know each other, we can work our way to a happy center, just by agreeing to not treat each of us like an asshole.

            All of us have had very strong opinions on the various subjects we’ve discussed, yet have agreed to agree on some major tenets, even when we have disagreed and have not convinced each other.

          2. Say wat? I have no idea what you are babbling about. There is just too much common sense in your post. This is entirely unacceptable on teh internets.
            Stop that.

          3. I agree, but all too often the anonymity that the internet gives us makes us act like children throwing temper tantrums when we don’t get our way.
            I may not be the smartest person here, but even I know that civility is the lubrication that keeps the gears of our society from seizing and falling apart.

            Thankfully we seem to be playing nice in our sandbox.
            At least for now.

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