8 thoughts on “Penn – Agnosticism vs Atheism

          1. I thoroughly enjoyed their episode on lawns and lawn care. it’s bullshit that there’s an entire multibillion dollar industry to maintain a yard of grass.

            I support natural growth!

  1. They (Penn & Teller (Rebo & Zooty)) have found a truly phenomenal way to educate the lowbrows, and entertain the masses. Smart people will love the tongue in cheek humor, and double entendres.

    First they let people with strange ides spew forth with their verbal diarrhea until you are sure they are full of shit. Then they get reputable people to debunk the crap that has just been dealt.

    All with a health dose of tits and ass to keep our attention focused on…
    What was I saying?

    Rebo & Zooty: A comedian says something serious, and people think it’s funny. A politician says something funny, and people think it’s serious.

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