Lou Dobbs – Anti American?

after listening to lou dobbs’ show, I can only assume that he wants america to fail and for the children of our country to not do what’s best for our country.  is there anything worse then an anti-american like lou dobbs that has a national platform on CNN?

Is CNN anti-american too?  do they wish our country ill?

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3 thoughts on “Lou Dobbs – Anti American?

  1. They have Lou to prove to conservatives that they’re mot just a liberal media station.

    That being said, this guy is full of bullshit. I remember talking to a friend once about Lou Dobbs views on immigrants. My friend said that Lou has some great ideas about how things should be.

    I reminded him that my wife was working for an immigration law firm and that she had confirmed that Lou does nothing but lie through his teeth about anything having to do with immigration.

    My friend offered that regardless, Lou still has good ideas about how things should be.

    How the hell can you have good ideas about how to change things if you aren’t honest about how things are now?

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