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Scouring the internets for quality images can be a big rough, and just today I ran into “The Frame“, which looks considerably much like “The Big Picture“, though it seem to have it’s own content.  Most of their images are land based (except for the recent return of Hubble) so for Space images I usually turn to either the Astronomy Picture of the Day or the NASA image of the Day sites.  Shorpy is a site that has interesting images that are usually over a hundred years old, a good many of them end up in my wallpaper / screen saver folder.  For smaller, but interesting images, The Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution both have Flickr accounts, with the Smithsonian currently focusing on lamps of all things.

Really though, those are the only ones that I can name off the top of my head, and I’d love to widen my horizons.  What image blogs would you suggest?  Bonus points if they include the an image in their RSS feeds.

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4 thoughts on “Internet Image Blogs

      1. Last I looked, they didn’t. Also, you can get RSS feeds from individual flickr accounts, but not the explore pages. Both annoying. Actually, not sure the Nat Geo has a RSS feed either.
        Wiki has a POD archive page, so you can see a whole month on one page.

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