Pavlov’s House | Volgograd, Russia

Pavlovs House Pavlovs House | Volgograd, Russia

Sergeant Yakov Pavlov received a simple order “Not one step back.” Very few battles in human history can compare to the epic proportions of carnage of Stalingrad. Two ideological empires fought for survival in a hailstorm of blood and steel that lasted for months and marked a turning point in the course of WWII. The grinding war of attrition begun in July of 1942. Despite ferocious resistance by September German forces crawled their way to banks of Volga leaving in Russian hands only pockets of resistance. A four-story apartment block overlooking the “9th January Square” parallel to the river and occupied by S

via Pavlov’s House | Volgograd, Russia | Atlas Obscura.

I can’t even imagine living in a building for months on end that would have daily german attacks.

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