New Windows 7 PCs to Ship Ad-Supported Office 2010

microsoft office New Windows 7 PCs to Ship Ad Supported Office 2010

Remember Microsoft Works, the lighter, entry-level Microsoft Office-type software that often shipped with new computers? According to tech news site Betanews, Microsoft is ditching the Works model, replacing it with a free, ad-supported version of Microsoft Office with limited functionality that will ship from participating manufacturers.

via New Windows 7 PCs to Ship Ad-Supported Office 2010 – Office 2010 – Lifehacker.

Well, I guess Microsoft just threw in the towel.  why would anyone use a neutered version of Office that comes with adverts when you can use Open Office for free with no ads?

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8 thoughts on “New Windows 7 PCs to Ship Ad-Supported Office 2010

    1. That and pretty much everything about the way Microsoft does business. I have a bunch of crap on my puter that I don’t use, don’t want and don’t need. Then they o it in such a way that it interferes w/ other programs or apps that I want to use instead. Right now I have 2 programs running, yet 73 processes going. WTF?

      1. LOL…

        2 programs, 73 Processes… That’s Micro$oft for you. To be fair, it it would be very difficult to write an OS that did not runs a lot of processes in the background. And the other thing is that I find that hardware manufacturers have this nasty habit of using a service or tsr to do things that could be handled at the OS/driver level. Not to mention the proclivity for many applications to do the same.

        However Microsoft is still the worst offender in this regard. I routinely go through and strip out all the unnecessary services, driver helpers, etc. from every version of Windows I get, and it is absolutely amazing how much garbage they throw in there.

        I’m running 7 different apps right now, and have a grand total of 30 processes running, vs your 73 with 2 programs. Absolutely ridiculous…

        1. On my desktop puter (XP), I’m only running between 30 and 40 processes. It’s on the laptop (Vista) that so many are running and I’m not sure how many I can get rid of. I do have Process QuickLink, I jut haven’t got around to using it yet.

          1. Ah… I see. I’m running XP64, and I find that after stripping everything down, with nothing else running, there is usually never more than 20 or so odd base processes actually needed. I refuse to run Vista on account of the additional bloat even in the processes you *do* need.

            Process Quicklink is good, though I am loath to install something when my goal is to remove as much as possible. I prefer to use references like Black Vipers Service configuration guide to figure out what to get rid of. Very helpful. Link to the Vista service config guide below, if you want to give it a try…

            Or, if you want to go really nuts, you can try Nlite (for XP) or Vlite (for Vista) I use Nlite to create lean, mean OS installs… 😀

          2. It doesn’t seem to slow the laptop down. Once you use quick link you can disable it.
            I’ll take a look-see at the links you provided. Thanx.

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