Reconsider Columbus Day

In many ways I agree with these people. Columbus Day is the most useless holiday we Americans have and the Indigenous People of America do deserve their own holiday. Explorers back in the day were like the astronauts of today. They voyaged places where no one had ever been, that were filled with myths, monster and a sudden fall to nowhere to your normal person. Yet they pushed on through storms, sickness and unfriendly native inhabitants. But they also killed, enslaved, corrupted and plundered the natives in the name of colonization, religion and greed. The holiday also gives incentive to teach children history though. I have reconsidered Columbus Day and I say get rid of it. Maybe you and the government should reconsider this holiday too.

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4 thoughts on “Reconsider Columbus Day

  1. Generally I am one of those people that defends this sort of thing. But Columbus Day? It’s not even a holiday in WV (except for Feds and banks). School still goes on and no one really cares. If no one cares then what is the point of bringing this up now? Let it die.

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