Gun-toting soccer mom is shot dead

Meleanie Hain, the pistol-carrying Lebanon mom who received national attention for taking a loaded gun to her daughter’s soccer game, was shot to death Wednesday night with her husband in an apparent murder-suicide, police said.

Hain, 31, and her husband, Scott, 33, were pronounced dead by Lebanon County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Yocum shortly after 8:30 p.m. at their home at Second Avenue and East Grant Street, Lebanon, police said.

The couple’s three children were home at the time and were not injured. They are staying with relatives and friends, police said.

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…Meleanie Hain was thrust into the national spotlight when she took a gun, in plain view and holstered on her hip, to a soccer game Sept. 11, 2008, at Optimist Park in Lebanon.

Her permit to carry a gun was revoked by Lebanon County Sheriff Michael DeLeo on Sept. 20, 2008. DeLeo said Hain showed poor judgment in wearing her gun to the game.

Hain’s permit was reinstated by Lebanon County Judge Robert Eby on Oct. 14, 2008, but the judge asked her to conceal it at soccer games. Hain said she would continue to carry it openly under the Second Amendment.

I don’t even know what to say about this, other than tragic.
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16 thoughts on “Gun-toting soccer mom is shot dead

          1. Meleanie Hain, the pistol-carrying Lebanon mom who received national attention for taking a loaded gun to her daughter’s soccer game

          2. Ok… I get that part, but I don’t see why that, by itself, meant she was asking for it. Why, specifically, does her taking a loaded gun to her daughters soccer game mean she was asking to get shot?

            Did she shoot someone? Threaten anyone? Or is this because someone else felt threatened because she was openly wearing a gun? I don’t see why she deserved to die…

          3. Everybody deserves to die, and everybody does. She died prematurely, which is unfortunate for her kids. Yes, I think people felt threatened… You don’t do stunts like this when you have kids. It’s her fault she was gunned down and I can’t feel sorry for that.

          4. I’m afraid I’m still having some trouble following your logic.

            Everyone dies eventually. That is a fact of life. I get that. But not everyone *deserves* to die. I do feel that the world would be a better place with certain people dead, however I still don’t understand why you believe this woman was one of them.

            There is a very large percentage of Americans who raise their kids around guns with no mishaps, so I don’t think one can reasonably argue that open carry is unacceptable behavior just because she has kids.

            It would agree that it was certainly poor judgment to do so in school, however not poor enough to die for, so I also don’t see how you can assume it is her own fault that she got killed.

            Murder suicides are generally symptomatic of an emotional imbalance in the *shooter*, not the victims. Her husband shot her, not an outsider, so this had to be the result of some internal conflict coming to a head, the facts of which we know nothing about.

            So it seems to me you are jumping to conclusions and making a snap judgment about her, and her death, based purely on your own feelings about the issue. Can you explain a little more why you feel the way you do?

          5. Oh yeah… murder suicide… whoops, ok, possibly not her fault she died. But I still won’t feel sorry for her.
            I don’t have a problem with people keeping guns in their home, I do have one with people blatantly displaying them in public.
            All I said was the she was a cunt, the cunt died… I don’t feel for her.

  1. I’m w/ Phyre on this one. I do not approve of carrying guns around in your daily life, but it’s not illegal to do so in many places in the US. Poor judgment on that level does not warrant a death sentence. Perhaps it’s a cultural difference?

      1. You keep saying that, but you still haven’t explained why.
        What kinds of people are we talking about that you don’t like, and what made her one of those people?

        Also, as a side question, why do you have a problem with open carry?

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