9 thoughts on “Nathan Fillion’s Halloween Costume from Castle

  1. you see, he also played captain mal reynold on a little tv series called “firefly”. It was by far one of the best starts of a science fiction series that I’ve ever seen, but it was shit canned 10 episodes in by FOX, after they airs the episodes out of order and moving the time slot all over the place. This series is by far the best thing added to the nerd kingdom since Star Wars or Star Trek, and there is a HUGE following.

    Nathan Fillion then went on to do a couple other tv series that didn’t really get off the ground, did a few movies that aren’t really memorable to me, and then landed the leading role in Castle, which is a buddy cop series. he plays a rich author that lost the will to keep writing the same character that had made him his millions, and kill him off in his last book. He was feelin all depressed and shit when he found his muse in a female detective he met due to a series of unfortunate circumstances. Now he follows her around getting in her way and being a general pain in the butt, but also helping her solve cases.

    This is apparently from a stage party, or a party from an episode of the Castle series, in which he’s wearing Captain Reynold’s outfit from firefly. Which is AWESOME, because it means that he’s still remembering the good ol days of firefly.

    I miss Serenity 🙁

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