‘Good Without God’

Atheism is coming to the subway — or at least subway ads promoting it are.

Starting next Monday, a coalition of local groups will run a monthlong advertising campaign in a dozen Manhattan subway stations with the slogan “A Million New Yorkers Are Good Without God. Are You?” The posters also advertise the Web site BigAppleCoR.org, which provides a listing of local groups affiliated with the Coalition of Reason, the umbrella organization that coordinated the campaign.
The campaign — which is being paid for by $25,000 from an anonymous donor — follows a similar but unrelated monthlong campaign on buses by New York City Atheists in July. Jane Everhart, a spokeswoman for the New York City Atheists, said that campaign was highly successful and brought in many new members. “We are trying to raise money to do it again,” she said.

The subway campaign is timed to a new book called “Good Without God” by Greg Epstein, which is to be released on Oct. 27 by William Morrow. Mr. Epstein, the Harvard University humanist chaplain, is having a book signing at Columbia University Bookstore on Oct. 28.

NYT: City Room

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1 thought on “‘Good Without God’

  1. Tsk tsk, here we go. The religious nuts were wrong about a lot, but probably right about the end of the world. Atheists are just trying to step on the pedal towards Armageddon as religious people everywhere freak out when advertising, which has ruined our culture, kills God in our minds. God represents us, you fools! Religious freedom is what keeps a government from telling you the right way to live your life. You take God away, and religion follows. Without the imperative of faith, the practice of religion will eventually slip into obscurity, and people’s right to choose the bizarre details of their unique, and obsessively methodical lifestyles will give way to a bland, homogenized doctrine of ethics. We all begin to wear weird unitards and the very idea of human culture will die in the face of pure logic. Technology will acquire us to be the gears of innovation, instead of the source of it. Without any passion of emotion left, people won’t even regret their loss of self, which is embodied in the God we all create in our mind. And seeing all of this on the grand horizon of our destiny, religious nuts will see to it that our civilization ends, rather than be absorbed into the faceless abyss of our own highly-credentialed ignorance.

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