A zonky Zonkey

A zonkey also known as zebrass, zebronkey, zeass, zeedonk, zedonk, zebadonk, zenkey, donbra, donbri, donkra, zebrinny, clive, zebrula, debra is a cross between a zebra and a donkey. The generic name for crosses between zebras and horses or asses is zebroid or zebra mule. “Zonkey” is not the technically correct name for such a cross. The most commonly accepted terms are zebrinny, zebrula, and zedonk. Donkeys are closely related to zebras and both animals belong to the horse family. Zonkeys are very rare.[1]

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2 thoughts on “Zonkey

  1. They are a truely beautiful animal taking the best of both species and making a beautiful taupe striped animal. Very unique! I like the name Zebrinni. Anything you call them I think they are wonderful.

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