Glenn Beck is PWND!

Few hosts go after their targets harder than Glenn Beck, but apparently he throws punches a lot better than he takes them.

This week, Beck lost a legal battle to take down a parody site devoted to mocking the talk-show host’s use of innuendo and rumor in going after his political enemies. The domain name that provoked his ire was, whose main page pledged to “examine the vicious rumor” alluded to in the site’s title.
The site’s owner, Isaac Eiland-Hall, a 34-year-old computer-science student in Panama City, Florida, told The Daily Beast that the name was derived from a running joke on news site‘s messageboards, which compared Beck’s style to a routine by comedian Gilbert Gottfried at a Friar’s Club Roast in which he repeatedly denounced the nonexistent rumors that Bob Saget “raped and killed a girl in 1990.” In repeating the rumor, of course, Gottfried succeeded in spreading it—thus roasting his fellow comic.

“I’ve long felt that Beck uses tactics like I satirized on the site,” Eiland-Hall told The Daily Beast in an email interview. He says he found “particularly egregious” an incident during Beck’s CNN career in which he told Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), a Muslim, that he longed to challenge the congressman by saying: “Sir, prove to me that you are not working with our enemies.”
Citing the landmark free-speech case Hustler Magazine v. Falwell, Randazza argued that the site was a clear parody and that it was “absurd to imagine a user who would be confused about whether or not Beck is an owner, author, sponsor, or endorser of the site.” Beck’s lawyers argued that the site was registered in “bad faith” and that by using his name in the domain, users could be confused whether the site was operated by Beck himself…

The Man Who Beat Glenn Beck by Benjamin Sarlin


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