SocialSafe offers Facebook ‘backup’ solution

socialsafe SocialSafe offers Facebook ‘backup’ solution

Many of us rely on Facebook to keep in touch with friends. After all, many people still shy away from newer services like Twitter or FriendFeed. The problem is, having all that data out in the cloud is risky.

What if Facebook removed your account? What if you wanted to take the data elsewhere? Despite their recent moves to open up, Facebook still make it difficult to remove your data.

Stepping in to solve this problem is SocialSafe. This Adobe Air app from a British team has the sole purpose of backing up your Facebook photos, address book and profile information. Accessing your account via Facebook Connect, it’s fast and effective at copying all the data to your local storage.

via SocialSafe offers Facebook ‘backup’ solution.

With some of the recent problems that facebook has been having, I’m finding that the service is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.  I need options for when I want to bail on them, and something like this may do the trick.

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2 thoughts on “SocialSafe offers Facebook ‘backup’ solution

  1. It is annoying to have to keep re-adding all your info for every new social site that everyone decides is the hottest of the moment. My Yahoo profile was very detailed, myspace…moderately so, facebook and twitter…almost nothing.

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