Right-Wing Avatar Article Is Ridiculous…

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However, there is one thing about the movie that really upsets me. It is blatant anti-military and less blatant anti-American. […]

There are scientists assigned by the New World Order to Pandora to negotiate a peaceful solution, but they are overruled by the military and the business interests at every turn. Eventually, the military solution is the final solution. The military then attacks with pure hatred and determination the locals on the planet. They do not care for the sanctity of the alien life, whether it be women or children.

The glee with which the American Marines participate in this massacre is appalling and does not show the true feelings and concerns of the real United States Military. James Cameron should apologize to the American Military and should make a statement that he does not truly feel this way about them. He should also apologize to the American public for painting our young men and women that defend this country as cold-blooded killers.

However, I am sure the Mr. Cameron will not do this as the movie is obviously a political comment on Iraq and Afghanistan.

From the ultra Conservative Hollywood News Blog Big Hollywood

UPDATE: Big Hollywood continues to go after Cameron and Avatar with more articles on the subject. This movie website is so hardcore conservative that I can’t help but laugh it’s pinhole pov insanity.

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  1. It really annoys me when I read something like this. At first, I’m more or less agreeing, but little by little, he gets just a bit crazier and by the end, all I’m thinking is “wacko”.

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