Top Ten Creationist Arguments


The arguments for the existance of God are like the lyrics too familiar TV jingles. Pure intelligent design doesn’t make a lot of sense but everybody knows the words, and sometimes it’s fun to sing along. So here is the top ten favorite creationist arguments by The Thinking Atheist.

I’ve heard all of them, but the one that involves America. And proving them wrong doesn’t help with anything.

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17 thoughts on “Top Ten Creationist Arguments

  1. I don’t argue with creationist because their stance to begin with is crazy. Arguing with crazy people goes nowhere. Besides I am sick of the whole argument. I have more fun pointing and laughing.

    1. ^^This.
      They’ll say you can’t disprove their idiocy, so you won’t argue. But, as you say, their stance is crazy. I’m sick of it most of the time too, though every now and I get annoyed and will try (and fail) to make an argument. Actually, I’ve just never been into the science v religion arguments at all.

      1. When I took Anthropology in college we all just pointed and laughed at them. So satisfying. I regret not going to the creationist speaking at my school though. But I probably never went because I knew I wouldn’t be able to contain myself. haha

  2. Nice, however it makes the fallacy that Creationism is equivalent to Theism: “if you believe in God you MUST believe in Creationism”. which isn’t true.

    1. Um, yes it is.

      Unless you’re telling me you are a christian who doesn’t believe that God created the world in 6 days.

      That’s kind of the foundation of the entire Christin belief, right? That God created the world, so we must worship him as the creator of all things?

        1. Well, that’s not necessarily true.

          Deists believe that God set the world in motion, and then sat back to watch what happened, like a great experiment that would be spoiled were he to involve himself in any way after the initial push.

          Christians believe God remains a constant force in the development of the world, and to some extent they think God speaks to them directly, though there is no such evidence in the bible to suggest so.

          TGGeko however, made the argument that Creationism and Theism were not the same, which I refute by my statement that to believe in God is to believe that he created the world in 6 days.

          1. The two are clearly not equivalent. You don’t hang out with many Christians do you, as most of them aren’t science illiterate. It is a continuum gauging with how much people believe God interferes with the world. The false dichotomy is one enforced by both militant atheists and fundamentalist.

    2. Where did he make that argument? When talking about our founding fathers, he says the were deists or ambivalent about the concept of god. These arguments are about creationism and intelligent design, both of which require a belief in god, but also a belief in the bible as the word of god.

  3. I just dont understand why such a prodeuction is even necessary, Why is it so important for atiests to take away faith from a person. Its like telling a child that firmly believes in santa that he doesnt exist.

    1. I’m not trying to take away anyone’s faith. People believe what they believe. It wouldn’t be anything more than a philosophical argument if religious people would stop pushing it. They want us to treat religion w/ the same deference science gets. It’s just not gonna happen. Atheists are not going to allow Creationism or Intelligent Design in the science classroom. We’re not going to let it blur the line in Separation of Church and State. All the religions are wrong and I don’t want to have to deal w/ them in areas that this nation has determined they should not be.

  4. LukeV1-5 -Very true

    I just dont see why both groups feel the need to prove the other wrong and sway them to believe what the other is saying. religious groups obviously see fit to follow without a clear evidence base, and the skeptic/athiest group clearly see the need for evidence to back up their decission. the two parties should just agree to disagree and leave it at that ( in a perfect world I guess).

    1. It’s been said over and over. Atheists (for the most part) don’t frigging care. If religion stays out of of gov’t and there’s no problem, but they won’t leave it alone. What should I do, or say? Here in West Virginia, religion is very in your face, should I back down as most of have done in the past? I’m sick of arguing it w/ people that don’t even understand the basic tenets of science and philosophy. It’s really obnoxious and they certainly don’t like it when we publicize our views. They think they’re right and that right gives them the right to do anything they want. They’re behaving like two-year olds having a temper tantrum.

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