8 thoughts on “BBWs

  1. There has been a couple of lady mags jumping on the bandwagon of featuring not so skinny models. I am glad this is being embraced because society needs to change its ideals on what women should be so as not to make women think they are less than they are.

  2. I think it is an illusion to think that chubbier models will make the majority of today`s women feel more beautiful and accepted. As Mr lamb has already pointed out, they are still photoshopped. They are probably the most “beautiful” plus-sized women this certain agency had to offer (I don`t know how this is called in English, I hope you get my point nevertheless). As long as marketing exists, it will try to make people beliefe that they lack something, that they are far from perfect. Hell, that`s the whole point. The skinny women I know are not more content with their body as the chubby ones.
    I am not saying that ads featuring plus-sized women will not lead to a wider acceptance of more average sized women at all, I just want to say that normal ads will always try to make people feel ugly and needy.

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