Sarah Palin To Join Fox News As Contributor

sarah palin Sarah Palin To Join Fox News As Contributor

Sarah Palin and Fox News are signing on to work together soon. Sarah Palin signing with Fox News allows her to have another vehicle from which to spread her politics, and it actually seems like Fox News is a good fit for her. According to the Washington Post, Sarah Palin will shortly be announced as a contributor with Fox News, and that the revealing of Sarah Palin is expected to come “shortly.” It is reported that Sarah Palin will appear as a commentator on various Fox shows, and that she will serve as a host of an occasional program that will examine “inspirational tales involving ordinary Americans.”

This move by both Sarah Palin and Fox News is definitely going to be looked at in a different fashion from both sides of the aisle. It should be welcomed by viewers of Fox News, as Palin is extremely popular with her conservative base, and Fox News has become a very large pulpit for conservative news and views over the past few years. She will fit in perfectly with the rest of the Fox News team, and undoubtedly will being in some nice ratings for the network. That has to be why Rupert Murdoch wanted to sign Sarah Palin on to the network, and while she can be a lightning rod at times, she is never uninteresting on television.

While it seems like this is the perfect move for Sarah Palin to make right now, it also seems a bit suspect in its authenticity. It really looks from the outside like Sarah Palin is trying to further strengthen her support around the country, and to give people something to hang on to if she does end up running for President of the United States on the Republican ticket in 2012. It’s still a few years away, but this really looks like she is setting up some more ground work in order to create an even stronger following for herself. She does have some work to do to overcome the bad publicity she received for quitting as Governor as Alaska, and this could turn into a genius move by both Palin and Fox News in the end.

An official announcement of this union is expected from Fox News and Sarah Palin very soon.


This is kinda perfect actually, because we all know how well she interacts with the media, debates and how she is such an honest politician. I hope she runs in 2012 for the lol’s. Her voice is so painful to hear though and her political doctrine more so. Don’t cha know. Actually no, I wish this was satire. I wish she was satire or isn’t she?

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6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin To Join Fox News As Contributor

  1. This should be fun. FOX News and many conservatives think she’s smart and shrewd and that her gaffes are just that, gaffes. They’re not. It’s how she really does things. She doesn’t study, never checks her facts, blurts out homey sayings that make no sense and basically, she’s incredibly focused on herself and intellectually lazy. She seems to learn from her mistakes in the short term, but consistently fucks up the same way. Part of me enjoys watching her spiral, but in the end, she’s bad for politics. The steady decline in politicians that know their job, and care about it, has hit critical mass, I think.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see what angle she takes with this. is she going to be just a talking head or will she eventually get her own show like Huckabee did? cause his ended up being a “let’s bash everyone but xtians” with a variety show tacked on.

    1. I vote talking head. She will be doing nothing but discussing party talking points that speak to her Conservative “All of America Should Be Christians” Base, with some quirky small town minded gaffes thrown in. This is going to be hilarious and depressing because she is the epitome of a horrible politician. A laughing stock to the entire world. Yet unaware, because she only pays attention to her silly base following.

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