9 thoughts on “The A-Team Movie Trailer

  1. I think I can give it the benefit of doubt here. GI Joe was something that I was intimately involved with, both with the comics and the toys and the tv shows well into my teens. fuck, who am I kidding, I still own hundreds of comics with GI Joe, and still own several of the dvds.

    A-Team was never such a big deal to me, and they seem to be faithful to the source material here, so there’s at least some hope.

  2. I find the trailer bizarrely cut. If the whole movie looks like that, forget it! Gladiator had the same problem with parts of its trailer, that in the movie worked, it just didn’t in the trailer. I can hope here.

    Still, I have to acknowledge that I enjoyed GI JOE. And I didn’t have one growing up (but I had friends who did).

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