4 thoughts on “Carribean Cruiser Cruising in Haiti

  1. NPR had a rep from the company on the radio this morning, he was saying that they’re dropping off supplies at the same time that they’re bringing in tourists. also, he reported that the haitian government had asked them to continuing using the port, no doubt hoping that they money brought in would help.

    1. That may be true, but I couldn’t do it. Whatever the Haitian gov’t thinks, it’s people are starving, dehydrated and dying of infections from scratches, swimming and frolicking as unbelievably callous and shows a ridiculous level of indifference.

    2. That was the cruise companies defense, yeah. Basically they said the area relies on tourism, and would quickly be even further crippled without the extra dollars it brings in.

      If I was the cruise company, I would have sent a letter saying that any client who wishes to donate the money for their cruise can do so, but then I bet it would get even more fucked up.

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