8 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper Rescues Injured Boy from Haiti Earthquake Riot

  1. Oh this guy is definitely awesome, it was dangerous, he could have been hit too but apparently he stayed anyway. The video itself was a little surreal, I can’t handle too much of this all at once so I probably won’t look at the NSFW post about Haiti.

      1. His show? Oh I didn’t know he had one, I’ve seen him maybe once or twice in some video. I thought his silver hair made him look a little like an alien brother of David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth. He does have some kind of vibe.

  2. I think he’s legit. I remember he was down in NOLA pretty quick and was trying to tell just how bad it was down there. At one point he had the Louisianan senator on TV and was about to break down or go ballistic, or both, because she was utterly clueless about the situation after four days had passed.

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