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The Red Swastika Society (simplified Chinese: 世界红卍字会; traditional Chinese: 世界紅卍字會; pinyin: shìjiè hóngwànzìhuì) is a voluntary association founded in China in 1922 by Qian Neng-kun (錢能訓), Du Bing-yin (杜秉寅) and Li Jia-bo (李佳白) as the philanthropic branch of the Daodeshe (道德社) “Society of Dao and Virtue”, a syncretist Daoist school, which changed at the same time its name to Daoyuan. It was one of a number of new transnational world redemptive societies founded at the time in China, drawing on Western examples such as the Red Cross to build charitable institutions grounded in religions such as Buddhism and Daoism. (The swastika is a Buddhist/Hindu religious symbol.)

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3 thoughts on “Red Swastika Society

  1. Nyokki, I am seriously glad that you attached the explanation.

    For a second there I thought this was a group of scruffy Asians that decided to mass burn and gas themselves to ensure the German bloodline stayed pure.

  2. I used to volunteer to tutor refugee school kids. Where I was at there were a bunch of Tibetan families and the kids would always draw swastikas on their homework for good luck. I knew what it meant because I had read Kipling, but one of the “real” teachers found a stack of the papers and went fucking ballistic. Accused me of indoctrinating them is neo-nazism and shit. I spent a week explaining the situation to what seemed like every administrator in the state just so I wouldn’t be arrested.
    One of the reasons I don’t do volunteer work with kids anymore.

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