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I’m looking out my window right now and pigs are flying. This doesn’t seem nearly as shocking as Burger King announcing their plans to compete with “casual dining” in tourist destinations by opening up BK Whopper Bars that will sell the popular BK whoppers with customizations tailored to your liking and also adds common American lagers to the menu as well.

via Pigs Just Flew | Life Misled- Corporate Attitude.

Really, nothing says “florida” like ass burgers and cheap, tasteless beer.  Mind you, I eat both of these things on a regular basis, but I live in florida.  Who would think that beer would make….oh wait.  alcohol makes everything taste better doesn’t it?

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10 thoughts on “The Whopper Bar

  1. Booze and burgers can’t go wrong, even if it is piss beer, it is a step in the right direction.

    On a similar note; the local Pizza Hut just went full service. Pizza, alcohol and a pool table. Swear to god if the waitresses start giving out head I will have absolutely no reason to leave.

  2. Funny, I can get beer at nearly every everywhere.

    Hell, I can even drink beer while driving, as long as I am not drunk.

    If easy access to beer is your thing – move to Germany.

    1. Funny, that. I love the health care system here.

      I tried to explain the concept of “ambulance chasers” to a friend here once.

      He didn’t get it.

      In Germany you simply go to the doctor. Lawyers are not necessary to get health care or determine who pays. You just go.

      I hope that the US does not get social health care. I would hate to see all of the lawyers that chase ambulances and prosecute doctors for doing their best – go hungry. That would be sad.

    1. Your missing the point of fast food with beer.

      When you need to put down a burger of questionable quality in under 5 minutes… wouldn’t it be great to slam down a beer with it?

      Consider the poor school bus drivers… they really don’t have time for a proper lunch. A BK that serves beer would permit them the time to hammer down a burger and 4-5 beers – and still have time to pick up that afternoon kindergarten class.

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