11 thoughts on “∃Republicans s.t. ⇒ (Insane ∧ Stoopid)

    1. No. Dems have their own stupidity, but not the kind of stupid this poll illustrates. Ask a bunch of dems about the environment, Peta, etc…you’ll get some stupid ass shit.
      Has anyone done this sort of polling on dems?

  1. Nyokki, you win 1000 internets for your use of math proof notation in the title.
    And why is PETA always associated with Democrats? Only less than 3% of Americans are vegetarian. Even if all of those vegetarians supported PETA (they don’t) and if all of those vegetarians were Democrats (they aren’t) that would still mean that less than 6% of Democrats support PETA, a far smaller percentage than those in this study.

    1. I was trying to come up w/ some things that dems would be likely be stupid about and was coming up empty, so I was grasping at straws. I’m sure there must be something.
      So, what do dems get stupid about? C’mon people, open season.

      Also, I had fun trying to find those characters on MS’s character map. For some reason alt codes don’t work on my laptop.

      1. Protest anything and everything, give their base the middle finger in times when they should be fighting for every inch (While Repubs just say “fuck you this is how it is now!”), too much faith in the government, just as misinformed as the Repubs, lazy hippies, social doctrine(I see this as a pro but the other side doesn’t 😉 and are essentially pussies. All talk and no action. Shit! I said that one already. I tried.

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