IOC Will Allow Australians’ Boxing Kangaroo Flag To Stay

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The Aussie “boxing kangaroo” has won a TKO over the International Olympic Committee.

And the cheeky flag will keep flying proudly from the team’s balcony at the Vancouver 2010 athletes village.

But IOC spokesman Mark Adams insisted Sunday night the flag flap was never a real fight but was “what is quaintly called a storm in a teacup.”

“I’m not sure there was ever really an issue,” he said. “It was ‘the battle that was never there.’ Certainly the IOC never officially asked for it to be taken down, it wasn’t taken down and – guess what – it’s staying up.”

He said that, nonetheless, it would be addressed after the Vancouver 2010 Games ended and John Coates, head of the Australian Olympic Committee, had agreed to discuss it.

“I think everyone will agree that this is a sensible solution to this great conundrum of the boxing kangaroo.”

The flag, which has been an unofficial emblem of Aussie sports since the America’s Cup in 1983 when Alan Bond and his crew waved the flag on the way to winning the yachting race.

Later, Bond sold the trademarked image to the AOC.

The flag flap blew up into an international incident after Australian officials told reporters they’d been told by the IOC to take the flag down.

They refused to do so and Australia’s deputy prime minister, Julia Gillard waded in, branding the demand “ridiculous” and “a scandal.”

Coates told reporters Sunday he had met IOC chief Jacques Rogge and told him the team was not trying to ambush Games organisers or the IOC with a commercial product.

He said that Rogge told him it would be necessary to register the “boxing kangaroo” as a team symbol before using it in future Olympics.

I felt like posting some retarded news. Looks like the media needed some controversy and found none. If I were Australian I would be proud to hang that flag. A pissed off Kangaroo wearing boxing gloves is badass! Good luck in the Olympics Australia. Aussie Aussie Aussie!!! Oye Oye Oye!!! The Winter Olympics in 4 days and counting.

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