Taurus’s new Raging Judge Magnum

raging judge magnum tfb tm Tauruss new Raging Judge Magnum

In additional to the standard Judge cartridges, the .410 shotshell 2.5″/3″ and .45 Colt, the Raging Judge can chamber the .454 Casull! Outside of Africa there is probably nothing that cannot be taken down with a Raging Judge Magnum.

via Taurus’s new Raging Judge Magnum | The Firearm Blog.

Looking at this picture, you’d think, ha!  I k now that’s just a small woman holding a somewhat large weapon, but trust in me: that’s a normal sized woman with a massive weapon.  How in the fuck are you supposed to shoot that thing one handed?

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7 thoughts on “Taurus’s new Raging Judge Magnum

  1. Patron Saint of Firearms don’t fail me now! That is what people in the business call a Fecalater, point it at something (or someone) they will shit themselves.

    Shooting this beast, on the other hand, does not seem very practical. And you can forget about a holster, you need some kind of sling or quiver.

    I think the Taurus Raging Bull is sufficient for my needs … for now.

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