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Star jelly or pwdr sêr is an alleged compound purportedly deposited on the earth during meteor showers. It is described as a foul-smelling, gelatinous substance, which tends to evaporate shortly after having fallen…

…There have been reports of pwdr sêr (also pwdre sêr or pydredd sêr, Welsh for ‘star-rot’) for centuries.[1] John of Gaddesden (died before 1350), for example, mentions stella terrae (Latin for ‘star of the earth’ or ‘earth-star’) in his medical writings, describing it as “a certain mucilaginous substance lying upon the earth” and suggesting that it might be used to treat abcesses.[2] A fourteenth-century Latin medical glossary has an entry for uligo, described as “a certain fatty substance emitted from the earth, that is commonly called ‘a star which has fallen'”. [3] Similarly, an English-Latin dictionary from around 1440 has an entry for ‘sterre slyme’ with the Latin equivalent given as assub (a rendering of Arabic ash-shuhub, also used in medieval Latin as a term for a ‘falling’ or ‘shooting’ star).[4]

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  1. Wikipedia is wrong. Real star jelly (Astromyxin) is not foul smelling at all. It actually smells a little sweet when it’s fresh and is quite delicious. People confuse frog sperm and other things with astromyxin, but it’s not the same. Astromyxin is from meteors and is very rare and expensive.

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