Windows patch cripples XP with blue screen, users claim

BSOD 2 Windows patch cripples XP with blue screen, users claim

Computerworld – Tuesday’s security updates from Microsoft have crippled Windows XP PCs with the notorious Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), users have reported on the company’s support forum.

Complaints began early yesterday, and gained momentum throughout the day.

“I updated 11 Windows XP updates today and restarted my PC like it asked me to,” said a user identified as “tansenroy” who kicked off a growing support thread. “From then on, Windows cannot restart again! It is stopping at the blue screen with the following message: ‘A problem has been detected and Windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer.'”

via Windows patch cripples XP with blue screen, users claim.

This happened to me.  I was able to get my computer running again by using a restore point from the previous day.  Hey microsoft: you fucked up here guys, you kept me from star trek online and cheap porn for over an hour while I kinda freaked out that my brand new computer was somehow totally fucked.

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  1. Also, what the fuck. I just got a new laptop less than a week ago. It’s brand spanking new. I switch it on this morning – “Windows cannot start”



  2. Maybe you should install Windows from scatch:

    Rootkit May Be Behind Windows Blue Screen

    “A rootkit infection may be the cause of a Windows Blue Screen of Death issue experienced by Windows XP users who applied the latest round of Microsoft patches. It appears that the affected Windows PCs had the rootkit infection prior to deploying the Microsoft patches. Researcher Patrick W. Barnes, investigating the issue, has isolated the infection to the Windows atapi.sys file, a driver used by Windows to connect hard drives and other components. Barnes identified the infection as the Tdss-rootkit, which surfaced last November and has been spreading quickly, creating zombie machines for botnet activity.”

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