Net Neutrality Tested?

youtube speed1 Net Neutrality Tested?

Google has rolled out a YouTube speed-tester that tells you how your ISP stacks up against other ISPs in your town and country, to “give you the ability to compare your speed numbers with other users in your region.”

Translation: Google is giving you the ammo you need to fight back if your ISP sucks, or if it is twiddling the knobs to discriminate against Google. It’s a brilliant piece of pro-Net Neutrality judo, and I can only hope that they follow it up by figuring out tools that let users speed test all kinds of services and protocols so that we can get a picture of how ISPs are messing with us.

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Check out your YouTube Speed History

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7 thoughts on “Net Neutrality Tested?

  1. Good grief. I thought my YouTube experience was sucky. My ISP (Comcast) is slightly faster than AT&T, although in general, my locality sucks even worse, on average. Although what I really don’t like is how my graph spikes. It goes super high, then it goes super low, lower than everything else! One has to wonder about why I run so hot and cold.

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