Can You Prove You’re Not A Paedophile?

If not, don’t go to Sunderland, especially the mall.
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Ben (pictured above) thought he was having a grand time with his mom and dad. Little did he know his own father was a potential paedophile taking pictures of him for nefarious reasons. But mall security was there to protect him before he could become another statistic.

Geraghty-Shewan went to take a photo of his son on a ride and was suddenly stopped:
“Ben spotted a children’s ride which had a train on it and wanted to have a go because he’s obsessed with trains.
“When he got on my wife suggested we take a picture of him.

“I took the picture on my phone and suddenly this security guard came up and told me it wasn’t allowed because I could be a paedophile.

“I told him Ben was my own son. But he said I couldn’t prove it. He said there is a real problem with paedophiles and that if I didn’t like it, he’d call the manager.

“A few minutes later a policeman walked in and approached me, so they must have been tracking me on the CCTV.

“He said he’d received a complaint that a man matching my description was taking pictures of children and wanted my name and address.

“I told him it was ridiculous because it was my own son. He then started asking me what I was doing in Sunderland, asked for my name and address and told me he had the right to delete my pictures.

“I got annoyed and raised my voice a bit, then he threatened me with arrest for breach of the peace.”

Well, thank you mall security; without you security guards everywhere would have a reputation for being IQ challenged and over-inflated job-egos.

 Can You Prove Youre Not A Paedophile?
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7 thoughts on “Can You Prove You’re Not A Paedophile?

  1. Oh this is scary; but not too surprising. I deal the the public on a routine basis; and there have been some parents that act like every stranger is a pedophile.

  2. Businessman sues BA ‘for treating men like perverts'”

    A businessman is suing British Airways over a policy that bans male passengers from sitting next to children they don’t know – even if the child’s parents are on the same flight.

    Mirko Fischer has accused the airline of branding all men as potential sex offenders and says innocent travellers are being publicly humiliated.

    In line with the policy, BA cabin crew patrol the aisles before take-off checking that youngsters travelling on their own or in a different row from their parents are not next to a male stranger.

    If they find a man next to a child or teenager they will ask him to move to a different seat. The aircraft will not take off unless the passenger obeys.

    Mr Fischer, a 33-year-old hedge fund manager, became aware of the policy while he was flying from Gatwick with his wife Stephanie, 30.

    His wife, who was six months pregnant, had booked a window seat which she thought would be more spacious. Mr Fischer was in the middle seat between her and a 12-year-old boy.

    Shortly after all passengers had sat down, having stowed their bags in the overhead lockers, a male steward asked Mr Fischer to change his seat.

    Mr Fischer refused, explaining that his wife was pregnant, at which point the steward raised his voice, causing several passengers to turn round in alarm. He warned that the aircraft could not take off unless Mr Fischer obeyed.

    Mr Fischer eventually moved seats but felt so humiliated by his treatment that he is taking the airline to court on the grounds of sex discrimination-He is paying all his own legal

    If he wins at the hearing next month at Slough County Court, BA will have to change its policy.

    He has promised to donate any compensation to the NSPCC.

    Mr Fischer, who lives in Luxembourg with his wife and their daughter Sophia, said: ‘This policy is branding all men as perverts for no reason. The policy and the treatment of male passengers is absolutely outrageous.

    ‘A plane is a public place – cabin crew regularly walk down the aisles and passengers are sat so close to each other. The risk of any abuse is virtually zero.

    ‘Furthermore statistically children are far more likely to be abused by a member of their family. Does that mean that BA are going to ban children sitting next to their own parents?’

    ‘I was made to feel like a criminal in front of other passengers. It was totally humiliating. Neither myself or my wife dared to speak to the boy in case the cabin crew forced us from our seats. The poor child must have thought we were extremely rude and unfriendly.’

    Claude Knights, of the children’s charity Kidscape said: ‘The airline should have procedures in place to avoid this sort of situation.

    ‘If the airline is that concerned they should sit unaccompanied children with cabin crew who have no doubt been thoroughly vetted.’

    A BA spokesman said: ‘As this is case is subject to court proceedings, it would be inappropriate for us to comment at this time.’

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