Man Flips Police The Bird, Then Sues Them

CLACKAMAS, Ore. – A man let his middle finger fly against sheriff’s deputies and now his one-finger protest has led to a lawsuit against the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department.

Robert Ekas admits that he flipped the bird to two sheriff’s deputies on the road and said one deputy that he gave the finger to three times responded by pulling him over and writing two tickets.

Ekas has filed a lawsuit against the sheriff’s department, claiming deputies are trying to “retaliate against and chill citizens’ First Amendment free speech rights.”

“It’s not really a free speech issue,” said Ekas. “It’s a right to dissent issue. It’s a right for every citizen to say I don’t like the way things are going so I’m not going to go along with the program.”

The attorney for the sheriff’s department said he cannot comment because this is an ongoing legal case.

Last year, a Pittsburgh man won a $50,000 settlement after being cited for flipping off an officer. Ekas said that lawsuit inspired him to file this one.

Their are good cops and bad cops out there. I am friends with some in fact. But this guy is a douche bag. Simple common decency and not being an asshole goes a long way. Hopefully the judge throws the book at him and calls it a day.

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11 thoughts on “Man Flips Police The Bird, Then Sues Them

  1. Even though I do think what he did is protected as “free speech” it’s still rude, and distasteful. Hopefully the suit will be ignored, and the guy will just have to pay his tickets.

      1. ‘Zactly. I’m fairly certain that “rude gestures” are considered free speech. It’s actually important that he win his suit. Cops have a nasty habit of thinking that anything done or said about, or to, them is a violation and deserves punishment. Every once in a while we need to remind them that they “are not The Law”, the are law enforcers and their person is no more inviolate than ours.

  2. I am not sure that a rude gesture is free speech – but why not.

    In Germany giving somebody the finger will get you fined. Here it is definitely not considered free speech.

  3. Rude and distasteful, yes, but also protected. However, if he was doing anything illegal then the cops have the right to charge him with that. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

        1. Again, be that as it may, they are people and have the same exact rights AND restrictions that any human has. Their job allows them to respond to criminal action, not offensive behavior, that pisses them off.

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