Viacom is Stoopid

Hulu announced yesterday that Comedy Central was pulling “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” from the popular video website. The decision will impact the many downstream websites that have relied on Hulu’s embedded player to gain access to these shows.hulu logo Viacom is Stoopid
We checked in with Comedy Central to see whether it will now target websites and bloggers who post unauthorized clips from the show.

“Yes, we intend to do so,” says PR rep Tony Fox. “My feeling is if (websites) are making money on our copyrighted content, then that is a problem.”

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This is sure to be somewhat controversial. As others have pointed out, “Daily Show” relies extensively upon “fair use” to take content from other networks such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC for nightly commentary. We expect that whenever Viacom files its first lawsuit against a blogger for an illegal video posting, this will trigger cries of hypocrisy from those who don’t understand how copyright law allows Jon Stewart to show another network’s clip but prevents bloggers from doing the same.
If Viacom wants to punish bloggers for promoting their shows, then so be it. There’s lots of other good stuff to talk about. We’ll just change the channel…

Why does Viacom keep doing this? They seem to pull this stupidity every few years, realize it’s a mistake and allow Fair Use.
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 Viacom is Stoopid
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3 thoughts on “Viacom is Stoopid

  1. My first thought when I heard this?

    Guess I’m just gonna download it from eztv again. oh well, not much skin off my back, it’s easier this way anyways, the hulu desktop client is a beast to deal with anyhow

  2. It’s because the suits in charge are only there for a few years, then they get new suits, and the same old begins again. That’s why good shows suddenly get the axe even though they have loyal fans. (Firefly, Mercy Point, Enterprise to name a few of my pet peeves!)

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