Harry Brown Trailer

A modest law-abiding citizen, Harry Brown (Michael Caine) is a retired Marine and a widower who lives alone on a depressed housing estate. His only company is his best friend Leonard (David Bradley). When Leonard is murdered by a gang of thugs, Harry feels compelled to act and is forced to dispense his own brand of justice. As he bids to clean up the run-down estate where he lives, his actions bring him into conflict with the police, led by investigating officer DCI Frampton (Emily Mortimer) and Charlie Creed-Miles.

This looks like Gran Torino in England. Except the social commentary and car is replaced by Chavs?

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7 thoughts on “Harry Brown Trailer

    1. Your friend was correct. This is different from Torino though; Clint Eastwood made progress with his racism and started fighting bad guys, Michael Caine’s friend dies as a result of a chav prank, and so Michael Caine kills fucking everyone.

      And yes, he has a cockney accent. It’s epic.

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