The Shame of Eric J. J. Massa

I thought I knew what snorkeling was. When I was younger, if you called a guy a real snorkeler, it meant he was especially good at cunnilingus. I guess I should have realized that the talk around Massa was his behavior with other men, that the definition would have to be somewhat different. What I was surprised about was that not one single definition in Urban Dictionary. Times, they are a changing.
The thing is: Who cares if he’s gay? He’s a democrat, not anti-gay, there seems to be very little hypocrisy on that subject. The point is that he was being investigated for sexual harassment on a (male) staffer. Why does it matter if it was a male or female staffer? Harassment is harassment, regardless of gender.
What’s more interesting is to watch the man come up with one reason/explanation of what happened and whether or not he was ousted or resigned voluntarily.

New York congressman Eric Massa resigned his House seat this week under a sexual harassment cloud, claiming fellow Democrats forced his ouster, to keep him from voting against their health care bill.

It’s the latest claim in a changing stream of explanations that have propelled him from a relatively obscure Democratic lawmaker to darling of conservative talk show hosts.

But his explanation leaves out a key fact: The decision and timing of his resignation were Massa’s alone.

Massa could have stayed in Congress and cast votes on health care in the coming weeks even as he awaited the results of a House ethics panel probe into allegations he harassed a male staffer. Most lawmakers facing congressional ethics investigations remain in office.

Massa says he was targeted by Democrats who will “stop at nothing” to advance their health care overhaul. On a New York radio station Sunday, Massa blamed Democrats for his downfall, saying, “I was set up for this from the very, very beginning.”

CBS News

tl;dr – Watch the 2nd video.

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4 thoughts on “The Shame of Eric J. J. Massa

  1. I saw this on Glenn Beck (I know, I watch him occasionally to see what craziness he is spinning.). But anyway Eric Messa pretty much dodged all his stupid questions. What amused me more was that on youtube conservatives were pissed because he didn’t answer whether he believed in god or not… This guy sexually harassed his co workers and did weird stuff in general and they are upset he didn’t answer nutso’s moral question regarding god?….WTF.

    This world is so fucked. Politicians are corrupt. You can only count on yourself… but even then, you can’t.

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