The Streets of San Francisco in 1905/06

In 1905, an unknown cameraman filmed a streetcar trip along San Francisco’s Market Street. The following year, the Great Earthquake struck, and he filmed the trip again. This is a five-minute silent film that edits together excerpts of his two films. Footage from the Prelinger Archives, edited by Matt Lake

Perhaps the more startling aspect of the video to a modern viewer is the realization that a century ago people walked, ran, drove, rode bicycles and horses wherever they wanted, whenever they wanted in the streets. The first electric traffic lights weren’t invented until a decade after these segments were filmed.

Words borrowed from Neatorama

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  1. I’ve seen this video many times and didn’t know it was two different films. I never even thought about how people just went wherever there was an opening. I wonder if there were man accidents, or if the relatively slow speeds lessened the probability?

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