Club Settles In Child’s Uzi Death At Gun Fair : NPR

Uzi 1 Club Settles In Childs Uzi Death At Gun Fair : NPR

A Massachusetts sporting club is donating $10,000 to children’s charities as part of a deal settling criminal charges in the death of an 8-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself in the head with an Uzi during a gun fair.

via Club Settles In Child’s Uzi Death At Gun Fair : NPR.

I think my feelings on the whole situation are best summed up by Superior Court Judge Peter Velis:

What in God’s name was anyone, if not everyone, thinking?

3 thoughts on “Club Settles In Child’s Uzi Death At Gun Fair : NPR

  1. I was going to say something about his father was yards away and didn’t say “Hang the fuck on, maybe my 8 y.o. kid shouldn’t have a fucking machine gun”

    But the fucker gave it to him

    These people don’t deserve children.

  2. Fucking ridiculous.
    I read a story where a 3 year old girl (I prolly posted it somewhere in the tiki realm) accidentally shot herself in the stomach and died. The idiot parents left a loaded safety-off gun on a living room table (they’d been having problems w/ burglars or something). The gun looked almost exactly like their wii gun remote.
    I really do not have a problem w/ owning guns, especially in rural areas, but c’mon people, use your brains.

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