6 thoughts on “The Tea Party & The Circus – Final Healthcare Reform Protest

  1. “Let me show you, I am going to disrobe.” hahahhaahha These people are nuts. The fear and paranoia shown here is truly scary.

    I find those American flag t-shirts very corny. Don’t shoot me. A Tshirt with George Washington stabbing a sleeping British Soldier sleeping on Christmas with a bayonet.

    According to these people our health care system is perfect… As someone that is sickly… It’s not.

    1. You know what’s fucked up? W/ this health care plan that just passed, my youngest will be covered on my (and hubby’s) insurance. Two weeks ago, the
      Eastern Panhandle Free Clinic called, they’d gotten to his place on the waiting list. We get all the paperwork together and get him signed up. In order to qualify he needs a medicaid denial letter. So, we go to DHHR and put in the paper work. He’ll be covered as of April 1st.

      Now, everyone in the house has been sick. My son didn’t work for a couple of days, but decided to go back to work this past Thursday. Apparently he wasn’t as well as he thought he was. He was driving to a client’s house, felt dizzy and pulled over. A lady in the care behind him noticed that he was slumped over the steering wheel; she calls 911. An ambulance and a cop show up; the paramedic got him up and talking, but his blood pressure was dangerously low. They take him to the hospital. I get a call, while at the hair dressers, informing me that he’s been brought to the ER in Jefferson county. Of course I freak a bit, but they assure me he’s fine. I have Donna (my hairdresser) rinse the color out of my hair, give it a quick dry and I’m out the door. We don’t live in Jefferson County, I have no idea where the hospital is. So, I’m calling my kid in the ER for directions on how to get to said ER. A couple of wrong turns and nearly 45 minutes, I finally get there. They say he’s fine to leave, but not go back to work til Monday. He was still running a bit of a fever and they figure the low bp was just a result of still being ill.

      Ok fine…sorta. They towed his truck. Pick it up that night, $80; wait til Friday, $130. So, hubby and I go to Jefferson County to get his truck. ER, $200. Ambulance, $450 and I don’t know what the actual doctor bill from the ER will be. $730 so far. All this because happened last week rather than next week.

      Tell me that this is not ridiculous. It’s very fucking ridiculous.
      Sorry for the rant.

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