I’ll admit to being somewhat of a Nexon fanboy, and someone that considers them to be in the toy business rather than in the MMO business. They manufacture joy in my eyes. Bright, shiny joy. But the recent announcement of their new title “Vindictus” shows us a game that we are not used to seeing from Nexon. While it will follow the same business model that other Nexon games do, it promises to be a “sexy” game: a game that will make players feel like a hero. It promises to be more of an action game, or as Nexon America’s Vice President Min Kim put it when he sat down with us for an interview, “an mmoACTIONrpg, epic, fierce and intense.” …


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  1. haha, oh wow, I was wondering why you were posting a trailer for a movie that was a few months old: but then again, I was wrong, haha.

    this game looks interesting, but don’t they all look good in trailer form? star trek online looked interesting until I actually played it and found out that it was released a year before it should have been.

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