Rat pack: nude firefighters who roamed the streets

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THEY were known as the Rat Pack: five renegade firefighters who threatened to burn houses down instead of save them, ran naked through the streets, drove fire trucks while drunk and trashed a whistleblower’s car.

An official investigation found them responsible for a campaign of harassment and intimidation in a NSW country town and recommended disciplinary action.

Instead, the NSW Fire Brigades – already under fire for fostering a culture of ritual abuse exposed by The Sunday Telegraph – has promoted two of them to leadership roles.

sounds like some Fahrenheit 451 action right there.  We dont’ fight the fires, we make them!

via Rat pack: nude firefighters who roamed the streets | The Daily Telegraph.

5 thoughts on “Rat pack: nude firefighters who roamed the streets

  1. What is wrong w/ people? WTF kind of fireman (or human) ethics is that? One person, an asshole, yes. A whole group like that, cult-like. People get a little authority and become certifiable.

  2. thats not the full story. They went on to rape the female firefighter three times, and they raped her two boys aged 5 and 9 at teh time, as well… yes i am that female firefighter – still trying to bring them to justice….

  3. I am a former (ashamed) employee of NSWFB/FRNSW.

    Station Officer -34 years service.

    I am speaking with current and retired NSWFB/FRNSW firefighters re behaviour of NSWFB/FRNSW senior management in dealing with issues of reported corruption and misconduct.

    Please call me asap, as I may be able to assist you in your pursuit of justice and accountability.

    07)3353-5558 or 0413-047-176.

    Thank you.

    Greg Lynch

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