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Sparing no witnesses, Hit Girl (real name Mindy) shoots people with a handgun (while donning pigtails and a school uniform), strangles and sends samurai swords spearing into the stomachs of her older opponents. Hit Girl slaughters while outfitted in a full super-hero costume complete with Clara Bow wig.

The movie has already been deemed inappropriate for young children, so why is it appropriate that a young girl star as the savage super-hero?

It’s not surprising that there’s impotent outrage that a young women is in a movie (shock!) or that she’s in a violent role (horror!) but the real good part of the article comes in a few paragraphs down:

“There were a lot of feelings about [the violence],” he told MTV News of Moretz’s character. “I was concerned. I knew it was going to be something that was uncomfortable for me as an actor.”

Possibly even more disturbing than the violence is Hit Girl’s use of language – not only does she drop the “F” bomb, but the “C” bomb as well.

Yes.  Disemboweling your enemies is bad, but heaven forbid she says “cunt” in the movie.  That might scar her for life.

via – Hollywood Gone Too Far: Is Tween Actress Exploited in New Action Film?.

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