Beer Ban at Beer Warehouse; Workers Strike

Almost 800 staff walked out on Wednesday, with 250 remaining on strike throughout Thursday after the new rules came into force.

The strike follows the company’s decision to limit drinking to lunch breaks only.

Jens Bekke, spokesman, said that drivers retained a right to three beers per day outside lunch hours and that warehouse employees claimed the same right.

‘There has been free beer, water and soft drinks everywhere
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‘Yesterday, beers were removed from all refrigerators. The only place you can get a beer in future is in the canteen, at lunch.’

‘Because of that, the warehouse staff went on strike yesterday, with other staff striking in sympathy,’ he said.

He stated that Carlsberg shipments from Copenhagen would not occur on Thursday and that delays would occur in the rest of the country.

Carlsberg’s trucks are fitted with alcohol locks, preventing drivers from drink-driving.


 Beer Ban at Beer Warehouse; Workers Strike

4 thoughts on “Beer Ban at Beer Warehouse; Workers Strike

  1. Shit.

    This is a step backwards for all people who crave a brew during a long work day … if THEY can’t do it there is no hope for the rest of us.

    Guess I am going back to drinking vodka from a Nalgene bottle …

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