Bluebeard Movie Trailer

Based on Charles Perraults grisly fairytale, Bluebeard tells the story of young Marie-Catherine, child bride to an aristocratic ogre with a reputation for murdering his wives. Controversial director Catherine Breillat (The Last Mistress, Fat Girl, Romance) brings her personal touch to this classic tale, a favorite of good little French girls since the 1950s. Princess Marie-Catherine must employ all her cunning to outwit her husband and escape the most unpleasant of fates. An Official Selection at the New York Film Festival 2009.

Something about this trailer reminds me of a Luis Buñuel(The Phantom of Liberty, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Belle de Jour) movie. Probably because it seems so surreal. Hello inner film nerd.

On another note: Watch Belle de Jour if you have never seen it.

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