Mohawks and /b/tards

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I never understood why teachers and school administrators care so much about a student’s dress, make-up or hair. It’s starting a fight with people that want exactly that, something to be angry about.
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I’ve had more than one group of students be shocked when I would say that I’m not a /b/tard and neither were they in my classroom (some just snickered). I do wonder how many I introduced knowledge of 4chan to, by saying things like that out loud. *weg*
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 Mohawks and /b/tards
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11 thoughts on “Mohawks and /b/tards

  1. I think some school administrators care about a students dress, makeup and appearance, because like it or not, out in the real world, people often make judgments about other people based on only those criteria. It isn’t right, but it is reality. At least if they are exposed to that reality in school, where the worst you can get is detention, they will be cognizant of it later in life.

    Ultimately what they chose to wear once the are out in the world and fending for themselves, will be entirely up to them. But at least they will be aware of how certain trivial choices, like what they wear, will affect their success in the real world.

    1. If the administrators don’t restrict them, less people will find it outré. How many people do you see now w/ hair colors never given to human beings? Hell, I even periodically go blue or purple. No one cares. 30 years ago? I was fired for having purple hair and an asymmetric hair style. Though I think I just may validated what you said. Ah well…

      1. LOL… You got fired for purple hair? Well it’s stupid, but I can tell you similar things still happens today… People still judge you based on things like that. Everytime I go anywhere looking like myself, women grab thier chilkdren, and there is lots of screaming and running and cries of “Kill the monster!!!”, etc, etc. etc…

        People haven’t changed much in that regard. School administrators are often good representation of the conservative upper echelon corporate types. It’s not the administrators who set the restrictions, it’s the culture they came from that does. And more often than not it’s the same kind of folks that are in most of the upper level management positions, so better they learn it now than… get fired for asymmetric purple hair… 😀

  2. Wow Nyokki just wow. So you must have been a really creative passionate teacher to die your hair purple. My favorite kinda teachers.

    On a related non related note. The grandmaster(rumored to be retiring) of my martial art has purple hair and everyone in that social circle seems to be all “WTF!?” about that. People changing their hair color into strange colors really messes with peoples normal social standards unfortunately. Humanity changes but we never really change I guess. If I end up not going to Canada this Summer, perhaps I will get to go to Japan with some of the people I train with to train at the source.

    1. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d lay odds that Nyokki was a good teacher, however here’s the thing, I don’t think her hair color would be a good measure of that. I’ve seen teachers with nonstandard hair and clothes, and some of them were really horrible teachers, while I’ve known teachers who looked and dressed like they were going to church, but who were very passionate and creative teachers.

      The problem, at it’s core, is that people have this habit of making assumptions about people based on trivial details. IE To assume that Nyokki’s asymmetrical purple hair was evidence that she had to be a creative passionate teacher is just as flawed as assuming that it means she was a delinquent. The assumption may, in fact be true, however we cannot know for sure until we get to know the individual in question.

      Wait… Is that Masaaki Hatsumi!? When did he have purple hair?

  3. Maybe I just really wasn’t paying attention to what people’s reaction to me was. My hair grows fast, color can be changed and it was one of the few ways I could stand out, w/out endangering my health.

    1. Also, the job I was fired from was as a part time receptionist for Shearson-Lehman. They said I didn’t represent the company somethingorother and I was the first person any visitor would see. My mom got me the job. I was in WTC 7 and she was WTC 1 or 2 and we traveled together. Needless to say, I didn’t miss that job.

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